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If you're a blogger, tell me about your blog. If you're not a blogger yet, why not? I believe you're either a victim of technology or a survivor of it. To survive, you should secure your online presence with a domain name. And what's a great way to utilize your domain name? With a WordPress blog.

With a WordPress blog, your ideas reach the most people possible, year after year, regardless of what the latest trend is. YouTube, Instagram, you can embed those in WordPress too. Most people end up choosing WordPress for the plugins. WordPress also has themes, which I customize for my clients.

My personal blog has 12 million pageviews, and my clients have millions of pageviews too. Serving this many pages is a little tricky. Fortunately, I have 30+ years of experience configuring this software.
TexasCoders Story
What's the story here? I started blogging in 2004, writing about art, software, social media, and various ideas I had. I wanted to blog professionally, so I studied Magazine Article Writing at UIW in San Antonio. Eventually, one of my class assignments about Myspace ended up getting millions of pageviews.

Managing this growth was difficult. Day by day I learned how to scale web servers, databases, advertising, and everything else. For a while I kept these skills to myself, but now I help other people. Check out my resume.

My WordPress technology "stack" has been tested over millions of pages. So I know it works. And I'm continually revising my process as I find better solutions. As a blogger myself, I use my own platform. So we're in the same boat. My strategy is to keep that boat afloat. If there is a problem, I'm just as concerned as you are, and you'll have my cell number.
Our Advantage
Why is TexasCoders better? A larger WordPress host might take shortcuts to increase profit at the expense of speed and security. But my goal is not to grow "no matter what it takes." I would rather have a few happy, successful clients, than many clients I'm not serving to the best of my ability.

Consider this too: In the event of a disaster, does my competition have the manpower to restore your backups? It's unlikely. When a large host has a major failure, they're overwhelmed with thousands of calls, because they took on more business than they could adequately serve.

With my competition, who's responsible for keeping your server online? Tech turnover is high. The average tech employee stays only a year or two. If that happens, who will remember your blog's particular requirements? Overall, it's hard to get ahold of the system admin directly responsible for your blog. Conversely, the buck stops with me, my clients have my cell number.
Custom Code
I create all kinds of software for my clients. Whether you need a simple change or an entirely new system, tell me about it. I do not outsource. All work is done in-house. I focus on your technology, so you can focus on your business. Send me your idea and I make it work. For custom code, my rate is $50/hour invoiced weekly.
Frontend UI/UX Development
Content Changes, Logos, CTAs, Analytics
WordPress Theme Changes, Plugin Creation
Multi-Category Email Subscription Forms
Crawlable Multi-Category Sitemaps
Multi-Category, SEO-Indexable Chatrooms
CSS, Position Graphics, Clickable Maps
Search Engines, Control Panels, Datagrids
Adsense Optimization, Position Ads
Tooltips, Navigation, Masonry, Galleries
Photo Galleries, Partner Lists, Brochures
"Machine Learning" Sorting Algorithms
Backend Server Development
App Development, Domain Management
Mailing List API Subscription Updates
Continuous Keyword Extraction & Ranking
Popularity Tracking: Engagement Counters
Image Management, Image Crawling, Resizing
Database Tuning, Migrations, Backups
RSS Downloading, Processing, Generation
Dead Link Crawling, Auto-Remove Links
SMS, SMTP Delivery, API Integrations
Cloud Storage, Media & Backup Management
Cache Generation Timing & Cleanup

Hosting Rates with Phone Support
1-100k views/month $100
100k-200k views/month $200
200k-300k views/month $250
300k-400k views/month $300
400k-500k views/month $350
500k-600k views/month $400
600k-700k views/month $450
700k-800k views/month $500
800k-900k views/month $550
900k-Mill views/month $600
Six months minimum.
My pricing is structured so that your profit increases as your blog gets more traffic.

Views/sessions measured using the last two months. Rates are calculated for each blog individually. Every six months your traffic is reevaluated and invoiced.

I don’t charge for setup. For comparison, WordPress VIP charges $15,000 for setup.

24-hour phone support is included with all my plans. For comparison, 24-hour phone support with WP Engine costs at least $3200 per month.

If you’re interested in working with me, send me a LinkedIn invite.

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